Oscar Segurado

Oscar Segurado

Company: ASC Therapeutics

Job title: Chief Medical Officer


Examining the Impact of the Capsid on Short Term Durability 9:00 am

• Comparing the impact of different capsids on short term immune reaction based on clinical data • Exploring strategies to mitigate the initial reaction • Discovering how capsid engineering can be used to minimize the immune response Read more

day: Day One AM

Navigating Long Term Immunological Issues Relating to the Transgene 11:00 am

• Understanding the long term humoral and cellular responses to the transgene over time • Comparison of delivering the transgene into an immunologically privileged place or systemically • Clinical reports of transgene immune response impact on durability • Understanding the immunologic response of different transgenes and the resulting impactRead more

day: Day Two AM

Understanding how the Unfolded Protein Response Can Lead to Waning Durability 1:05 pm

Participate in this collaborative session to understand the complex landscape of the unfolded protein response and discuss the latest developments in strategies to mitigate the unfolded protein response. Attend this workshop to learn about: • Understand how the unfolded protein response can be linked to reduced durability in a Hemophila A gene therapy trial •…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day

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