Hanson wade have taken the decision to cancel this meeting. Please do accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this will cause. Please register your interest here if you would like updates on the meeting or topic.

Welcome to the Gene Therapy Durability Summit

Deliver Durable & High-Quality Gene Therapies to Patients in Need

Durability is central to every gene therapy in development. The need to demonstrate clinical data that satisfy regulatory expectations, aligning payers on the value of your therapy, and ensuring meaningful outcomes are achieved for every patient dosed can all be linked back to durability.

That's why we are bringing together the Inaugural Gene Therapy Durability Summit. The only industry-led event dedicated to covering all challenges associated with durability, from addressing short0 and long-term durability, leveraging learnings from existing clinical data, and exploring ways to improve the efficacy and resulting durability of current gene therapy approaches.